Important Features to Look for When Shopping for Specialised Castor Wheels

Specialised castor wheels can be added to furniture pieces, wheelchairs and handcarts. These castor wheels will make heavier pieces easier to move and can also ensure the safety of someone in a wheelchair, or of the items you're transporting on a hand truck. When you need to shop for specialised castor wheels, note a few features to check, for you need to get the right type of wheel for your situation.

Note the axle type and location of the brake

For furniture pieces and wheelchairs, you'll want an axle that is very compact and without a large metal casing. The brake to the castor should also be under the front or back of the castor and not just out the side. This is to have less risk of someone stubbing a toe or smacking their ankle on the castor when they use the furniture or wheelchair. A thick axle or brake that juts out to the side may cause injury or be a tripping hazard, so make sure you choose a slim design and a brake that will be hidden safely under the furniture or wheelchair itself.

Rubber wheels for traction, plastic wheels for lighter weight

If your hand truck or cart is used in the garage, you'll need the added traction provided by rubber wheels to move it safely over the concrete flooring. If the cart is usually moved over an interior linoleum tile or other slick surfaces, you'll also want rubber wheels for added traction. However, for an item that will be moved over carpeting, you want less traction and something that is lighter so that it doesn't tear up the carpet's fibres. A lightweight plastic castor is a better option for these surfaces.

Weight limit

Don't underestimate the importance of knowing the weight limit of a castor wheel; going over this limit can mean tearing the wheel away from the piece to which it's attached and causing damage. Also, this can mean the wheel cannot move easily when you push against it, as that added weight is holding it down. This could cause a handcart to topple or a wheelchair to get stuck, and the patient in the chair could tumble forward or backward or even to the side. For the safety of a person using the equipment and anything that is being carried by the castor wheel, always note the weight limit and get something stronger and sturdier than what you think you need to be safe.