Why You May Never Need to Repair a Punctured Tyre Again

Have you noticed how rough the roads in your area have become recently? People love to criticise the local authority for inaction as they fail to fill in those potholes and other imperfections, but in truth, the problem may be caused by the sheer number of vehicles on the road these days. Be that as it may, you have just learned the hard way that rough roads and rubber tyres do not play together very well. If you've just struggled to change a punctured tyre at the side of the road and have spent a couple of hours in the process, then you may vow to avoid this type of situation ever again. What is the answer?

Running Flat

Of course, it's not feasible to avoid every single pothole and one of these days you are likely to slice up one of your tyres again. As you cannot rely on the local government to help you out, perhaps you need to fit runflat tyres to your vehicle instead?

Ideal for You

If you've never heard of these covers before, they are a fairly recent innovation and have been designed to help you get to a tyre depot or another nearby facility to seek relief. Simply, you can drive on your punctured tyre for a reasonable distance (yet at slow speed), so you do not have to stop at the side of the road and try and fight with that jack.

How It Works

Inside these car tyres you will find tough, rubber inserts that reinforce the sidewalls and help them to retain their composure, should all the air escape. In an ordinary tyre, the weight of the car does the damage in this situation as it will simply push down on the underinflated tyre and force the wheel rim to touch the road surface beneath.

Monitoring Equipment

You may wonder if you can fit these tyres to your vehicle, and the general answer is yes, but you do need to ensure that you have additional equipment connected first. This will enable you to receive a dashboard warning whenever you pick up a puncture.

To facilitate this, a monitoring system is fitted to each wheel and will detect the puncture, so you will know what to do and (crucially) how to drive. Otherwise, you may not know that you have a punctured tyre and could drive at motorway speeds, which would be potentially dangerous.

Bear in Mind

Remember, you're only supposed to drive until you can get to a safe place and, if needed, have somebody else repair your puncture. You should reduce your speed until you do so, just to be safe. Finally, be aware that you need to replace this tyre once it has been compromised, as it is not possible to repair a runflat tyre.