How to Avoid Tyre Problems When Motoring

Although roadside tyre services are usually very good across much of Australia, there are certain parts of the country where you may have to fend for yourself for a time until assistance arrives. This is because much of rural Australia does not enjoy the same level of coverage as the urban parts of the country. Unless you are driving on a well-used road where you will be able to seek rapid assistance, you might need to find somewhere safe to pull over and change your wheel yourself.

This means that you should always have a spare tyre that is in good condition and ready to be used at a moment's notice. That said, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid the need for one in the first place. What are the car maintenance tips that every driver in Australia should be doing?

Don't Over-Inflate Your Tyres

You might like to drive on tyres which have a bit more air pressure in them than is recommended. Drivers sometimes do this because their car had to handle a heavier-than-usual weight, for instance. Afterwards, it is all too easy to fail to lower the pressure accordingly. Likewise, you might want to overfill your tyres with air so you don't need to pump them up so frequently. Either way, over-inflated tyres bow out like a balloon which means only a section of the tyre comes into contact with the rad, not the full face. If so, then you will wear down your tread in that section more rapidly and even suffer a blowout you might otherwise have coped with because of the excess pressure.

Check for Bulges

Bulges can occur on the inner sidewall of your tyre as well as the outer one, so look underneath your car from time-to-time to check. Bulging is common in Australia because the sun's rays will often degrade the compounds that tyres are manufactured from. Cars which are parked outside often end up with splitting rubber compounds which results in bulges. Change any such tyres before you face a problem on the road.

Slow Down on Rough Ground

If you want to care for your tyres then you should also drive slower. Accelerating and braking hard wears tyres down. In addition, if you drive over speed bumps and kerbs regularly, then this will take its toll on each tyre. By simply slowing down and driving with a little more care, you can preserve the life of each tyre and make it much less likely that you will need roadside assistance because one, or more, has given up mid-journey.

These are some ways to avoid tyre problems. If you run into an emergency, be sure to contact roadside tyre services to avoid further car damage.