Tyre Tread Design for Trucks

Tyre tread is an important aspect of any tyre because it provides the necessary grip to maintain traction on the road. However, not all tyre treads are designed in the same way, especially when it comes to products which will be fitted to a commercial vehicle, such as a truck. This is because, unlike most car and motorcycle tyres, for example, a truck tyre is designed to optimise a specific aspect of its performance.

Important Features to Look for When Shopping for Specialised Castor Wheels

Specialised castor wheels can be added to furniture pieces, wheelchairs and handcarts. These castor wheels will make heavier pieces easier to move and can also ensure the safety of someone in a wheelchair, or of the items you're transporting on a hand truck. When you need to shop for specialised castor wheels, note a few features to check, for you need to get the right type of wheel for your situation.

Follow These Tips When Rewiring Your Boat Trailer Lights

Trailer lights have one of the toughest jobs in the book. Despite being dunked into water and bounced around continuously, boat owners expect them to work for a countless number of years. If you want your boat trailer lights to work for you over an extended period of time, you have to pay special attention to the selection and installation. While it is true that there are countless brands of trailer lights in the market, not many of them are made for the harsh marine environment.

How to Maintain Your Tyres

Tyre maintenance can reduce the risk of damage to your tyres and increase their lifespan. There are various methods of care that you should adhere to in order to keep your tyres maintained. This includes checking your tyre pressure, ensuring that your tyres are balanced and your wheels are aligned correctly, replacing tyre valves and storing any tyres in a suitable environment. Tyre pressure The pressure in your tyres gradually reduces over time and also when the tyre becomes damaged.