How to Avoid Tyre Problems When Motoring

Although roadside tyre services are usually very good across much of Australia, there are certain parts of the country where you may have to fend for yourself for a time until assistance arrives. This is because much of rural Australia does not enjoy the same level of coverage as the urban parts of the country. Unless you are driving on a well-used road where you will be able to seek rapid assistance, you might need to find somewhere safe to pull over and change your wheel yourself.

Why There's More to a Car Tyre Than May Meet the Eye

When it comes to certain parts of your vehicle, appearances can be deceptive. For example, when you look at the tyres and wheels fitted to your car or truck, you may think that they are quite solid and sturdy and able to put up with quite a lot of external abuse when you are driving. Certainly, these components are designed to be hard wearing and keep you safe in everyday life, but the tyre, in particular, is not always as "

Three Reasons to Choose a Professional for Your Tyre Alignment Needs

Have you ever been driving your car and it seemed to pull in one direction? This is a sign that it is time for a tyre alignment. Just like all other maintenance on your vehicle, tyre alignment needs to be done routinely to ensure your vehicle lasts for years to come. While a tyre alignment can be performed at home, it is recommended you use professional tyre alignment services. Here are three reasons to choose a professional for your tyre alignment needs.

Why You May Never Need to Repair a Punctured Tyre Again

Have you noticed how rough the roads in your area have become recently? People love to criticise the local authority for inaction as they fail to fill in those potholes and other imperfections, but in truth, the problem may be caused by the sheer number of vehicles on the road these days. Be that as it may, you have just learned the hard way that rough roads and rubber tyres do not play together very well.

Tyre Tread Design for Trucks

Tyre tread is an important aspect of any tyre because it provides the necessary grip to maintain traction on the road. However, not all tyre treads are designed in the same way, especially when it comes to products which will be fitted to a commercial vehicle, such as a truck. This is because, unlike most car and motorcycle tyres, for example, a truck tyre is designed to optimise a specific aspect of its performance.